Two Images

A couple of frames I took while biking around Minneapolis one Friday night recently. I didn’t set any goals for myself other than to take some photos. Biking around the cities can be liberating, not worrying about having to park, much less pay for it, gives you a new sense of freedom of movement. All of a sudden I can move from Northeast to Downtown to Uptown without paying cash. The drawback? None, unless you hate the feeling of wind in your face when you’re going across the Hennepin Avenue bridge. The freedom of biking paired with the unpredictability of what you will find in the cities whilst carrying a camera is exciting, and makes one feel alive.

Going down.
Going down.

Even if it all seems a bit blurry by the end of the night.


Catalonia and Surrounding Areas

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. Given my track record it’s clear that I can’t keep a regular blog, I don’t know if I should be attributing this to my laziness to write or to my otherwise busy schedule. Either way, I’ve decided to finally put up some photos I took when I was in Barcelona and surrounding parts of Spain. Before I get into that, though, I’d like to say thank you to the nice folks over at Photojojo¬†for featuring my post on creating solargraphs, I’m glad people are interested in doing them, and that something I wrote was helpful. Usually I’m on the receiving end of the how-to’s so this is quite flattering.

Now onto the good stuff. All photos were taken with a Voigtlander Bessa R3A and a Nokton 40mm f/1.4 lens. Various films were used, mostly Tri-X and Neopan 400 if memory serves. All films were shot at a variety of speeds ranging from ISO 640 to ISO 1600 and developed in Diafine.

Civil Worker's Protest - Barcelona, Spain
Near Plaza Del Sol - Madrid, Spain.
A Wine Bar - Madrid, Spain
Jamon Handlers - Madrid, Spain
Late Night Window Shopping - Collioure, France
A vantage point from behind a shopping cart - Collioure, France
By Candlelight I - Barcelona, Spain
By Candlelight II - Barcelona, Spain

That’s about everything I’ve managed to scan so far, when I have access to a film scanner again I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. This is only a snippet of what I saw and experienced while in Europe, but these are some of my favorite moments from the trip.

Hope everyone had a happy holidays and will have a terrific New Year.

Minneapolis Nights

It’s always interesting to see how a city changes throughout the day. Different people come out, different places become popular while other streets become deserted, at least that’s how it is around here in Minneapolis from personal observation. Well, I take the people part back, some of the people are the same, but are just “dressed to impress” on weekends ;) A city is a living, breathing creature that seems to have a mind of it’s own, trying to understand an entire city is probably impossible to do without getting at the little nuances of it. Experiencing each street, each streetside store, cafe, etc. and really letting the place sink in, and only then will you begin to understand it, I don’t think you can ever fully understand any place, at least not in words. With images probably, with words no. I feel like every time I’m out with my camera I’m not only creating artwork but I’m also documenting my increasing understanding of how Minneapolis works, what makes it tick. With that in mind, a lot of these next shots were taken in the same place, the warehouse district to be exact, at a certain time frame: 11pm to about 1am. I’ve been out at night in that place before, but never with a camera. Being a bystander really changes your perspective on what you think you know about a place, you take the passenger seat as opposed to the driver’s seat in the journey, it was an interesting outing.

All photos taken with a Pentax ME Super, 50mm f/1.7, Tri-X EI 1600 and developed in Diafine.

This shot is my favorite from the night, by far. It’s amazing that amongst all of what goes in the warehouse district this split second happened, right in front of me. I mean, what are the odds? It’s weird to think about photographs that way, the odds of that exact frame being right in front of you at that exact time. Everything was right on here, which surprised nobody more than myself because I don’t even remember taking this, and when that happens it usually means nothing good came out. The Tri-X and Diafine comination really shines here too.


Some guys decided to dick around when the saw my camera, whatever. It happens, but moments like the one happening directly to their left aren’t as easy to come across in that area at night.

Double Take

She was probably bar hopping, and then decided to look back where she came from, I think she was looking at me. I don’t remember any more, but the shot seems to suggest that she was.

Close to Far

A “geometric” moment no doubt, one of those things you stumble across when just standing around a place looking about.

Bar Guys

Walked past these guys a few times, they asked my friend and I to take their picture both times I think, this was right before that happened. They were having some drunken conversation beforehand, saw us and just had to capture themselves on camera, as a lot of drunks oh so love to do.

Light Rail Conversation

Another geometric moment, this was happening across the street from a few bars. The light rail is one of my favorite subjects to photograph because of the constant crowd change going on. It’s like a street corner, but much larger.